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COVID-19 and .sk domain


The COVID-19 situation affects also the domain world. Websites related to the current global crisis are springing up quickly and we can see it in the growth of new .sk domain registrations.

On this page you will find some interesting statistics, information and also a look at the growth of .sk domains related to COVID-19.

The growth of .sk domains related to COVID-19
[from 25th January 2020, on a weekly basis]

Number of related domains

The ratio of .sk domains related to COVID-19 in comparation to all registered .sk domains
[from 25th January 2020, on a weekly basis]

Number of registered domains (the upper line)

Number of related domains (the lower line)

The graphs show that the Slovaks responded relatively quickly to the situation regarding COVID-19 and offer help to the citizens via the Internet. The Internet has become an even more essential part of our lives than before the outbreak of the epidemic.

This is mainly because the Internet allows our society to continue functioning almost fully.

Key words

We’ve been tracking domains since 25th January 2020, when the very first .sk domain related to COVID-19 was registered. The most common repetitive words in domains:

Picture - Key Words related to COVID-19

Other facts

  • Domains that respond to the situation with a tendency to help with the awareness are most often related to these words: corona, covid19, antibacterial, anticovid, anti-coronavirus, how not to get infected, cleaning, disinfection, prevention, virtual learning, school assignments and tests and so on.
  • Domains moving business from the real world to the virtual one are associated with the words: face mask, cotton face mask, face protection, face mask production, wearing face mask, respirators, cleaning, corona test, covid tests, korona, corona, food delivery, delivery of goods and purchases, help to parents, retirees, neighbors and so on.
  • Domains that can make you smile:,,,,,, and so on (funny in the Slovak language).

We will gradually add statistical data and various other points of interest.

January 2020 - 7 domains
February 2020 - 19 domains
March 2020 - 774 domains
April 2020 - 293 domains
May 2020