Logo SK-NICYear 2020 will certainly be written into the human history as an exceptional year. A global pandemic has hit the population and changed the rules of life, work, study and social contact.

In the area of ​​virtual sites, i.e. domains (which are the first step into your own virtual identity building), we have noticed an increased interest in their registration since the beginning of the pandemic. We have also created a subpage on the SK-NIC´s website.

At the same time, many people understood that fine domains should be kept and used – as websites, for communication, etc. As a result, the number of renewed registrations has increased. This confirms fact that Slovaks are not only entering the virtual world, but they also want to stay active in it – of course, considering current measures, digital world is much safer, especially for business.

The trend of domain registrations is changing. Until 2020, domain registration was often associated with an interesting project, idea or just an interesting name. Many domains remained registered for only 1 year, because the idea was not implemented and the domain was subsequently dropped from the registry.

Year 2020 began to change the trends. We see an increase in multi-year registrations, which clearly indicates that the registrants have deliberate intentions with their domains. According to the increase of domain usage, it is visible, that holders have understood the importance of their unique domains and do not plan to just leave them to others. We have informed several times that having a fine domain is a great advantage not only for companies or organizations, but also for ordinary people. At the time of an idea or project creation, it is good to think about domain registration as well, similarly as one thinks about keywords and virtual identity, and even more as the domain may not be free later. We definitely advise domain registrants to not forget to renew their domain registrations. Virtual world is being used more and more within life and various activities and as many people not only from Slovakia found out, having one‘s own domain is a great advantage.

SK-NIC, a.s. also with regard to the increased interest in domain registration launched the Academy of virtual Slovakia project in the autumn, in which it introduces the world of domains, websites and e-shop creation, communication and marketing in the virtual world, as well as brand security and know-how.

All videos (10) can be found on the dedicated website of SK-NIC for free (Slovak only).