Happy 7 days bannerSK-NIC, a.s. continues to help others to enter the virtual world. In March, it announces the „Happy 7 Days“ event (Slovak only).

During 7 days, i.e. from March 7 to 13, 2021 (included), the price for the registration of a new .sk domain will be 4, – EUR without VAT for the Registrar.

The pandemic times and various restrictions moved a large part of people and companies into the virtual world. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increased demand for the registration of new domains.

We are trying to help by default. This time the help will be in the form of a reduced price for new .sk domain registration. We believe that in this way, we will once again be able to facilitate entry into virtual Slovakia for many new users, who will enrich or common space with additional content, services and tools improving life.

Entering virtual Slovakia is easy

Our Academy of Virtual Slovakia continues with the second series of videos subtitled Made in Slovakia. Soon, we will bring you the stories of those who accepted the challenge and successfully entered virtual Slovakia. We believe that they will become an inspiration to others.

The Academy of Virtual Slovakia is an easy-to-understand video guide in which we use short videos to introduce to the Internet „newcomers“ the world of domains, of website and e-shop creation, of virtual communication and marketing, of branding and know-how protection.

All videos can be found for free at the dedicated website of SK-NIC. It also includes „6 Steps on How to Establish a Virtual Identity“ video (Slovak only).