Logo Fond SK-NIC What projects have we supported?

The first applicants are already applying in the call for the large project launched on 15th March 2020.

The positive thing is that we have eliminated the number of forms required for successful registration, which makes filing applications faster and easier.

In total, we are ready to reallocate up to 150,000 EUR in the call for the large projects and to the succesfull projects we will provide funding in the range of 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR. The topics for the current call, the wording of the call and the instructions for sending applications can be found on our website (Slovak only).

Our website also offers an overview of 11 successful projects of the last year’s call for small projects. Many of them have an extraordinary benefit for cybersecurity and Internet education. We consider promotion and dissemination of their good ideas to be extremely important because they all have a positive impact on a specific group of people, some have even deeper messages.

One of them is the project of the Association of Deaf Teachers, which aims to increase understanding of the protection of personal data of deaf people. Deaf people are often victims of various cheaters. Therefore, it is extremely important to teach them the principles of safe behavior on the Internet in their own sign language.

But how to prevent the pitfalls that children and youth encounter in the online world? The answer is provided by the community center called KASPIAN which has been developing the online game OKO since 2015. Thanks to the support from the SK-NIC Fund, they prepare a level focused on cybersecurity for parents and children.

At the Pavol Dobšinský Elementary School in Rimavská Sobota they are also thinking about the education of children. Teachers have decided to make the learning process more attractive by purchasing an interactive floor that allows students to focus on physical activity, logical thinking and also supports the ability to work in a team. Through integrated applications, it gradually replaces traditional forms of learning with an experiential method.

If also you have such great ideas that could contribute to the society’s development, do not hesitate to apply. The applications must be completed via the online form at darca.sk. (However, only citizens of the Slovak Republic can apply).

We are already looking forward to your ideas and their contribution to the development of our virtual Slovakia!