org.skThe new domain with the suffix is quite excited. Slowly, but certainly, it is approaching its first registrations. We are proud to be able to offer it to those who help others soon.

As we have already mentioned, the .org label is typical for non-for-profit organizations and we will soon welcome it in Slovakia as well!

The price for registration and renewal of an suffix domain will be halved compared to the price for registration of a „regular“ .sk domain.

We remind you that this suffix is designated only for civic associations, foundations, non-investment funds or non-for-profit organizations!

We are in the final tests and we can say pride and joy that we will introduce this new domain suffix to Slovakia on August 15 this year.

Domains with suffix can be registered in the same way as domains with suffix .sk with all quality registrars. The current list of registrars is available on the SK-NIC’s website.

We are traditionally active in the support area. Since 2019, we have been supporting schools, organizations and individuals through the SK-NIC Fund. By launching the domain suffix, we want to further contribute to the improvement and diversification of the virtual Slovakia.

Watch our new video for more information!