Get to know the history LOGOTwo weeks ago, we launched a new project Get to Know the history of Slovakia in a Real and Virtual Way, where we present our well-known castles, that are repositories of ancient memories!

At first, we visited ruins of the Devin castle, where a virtual tour following the historical facts was presented by an expert on „history in practice“, fencing master Peter Koza. As the summer progresses, we have prepared our next virtual offer. This time regarding interesting facts about Trenčín castle.

Is the fact that you are able to drive from Trenčín to Bratislava in approximately an hour and 15 min an interesting one? (It depends on the driver´s courage and volume of his music, of course!) It´s a well-known information! Is the fact that Trenčín is called City of Fashion the one you search for? It is known to many elders, so no!

What is written on the Trenčín castle walls? Who was „ The lord of the Váh river and Tatra Mountains”? Or what does Tarzan have in common with Trenčín? Those are the unknown facts to many people!

Therefore, welcome into our world of castles (Slovak only) and let yourself be enchanted in a real, but also in a virtual way!