We protect virtual SlovakiaIt has been almost 2 months since many Slovak doors remained closed. We have decided to take an active approach to this crisis from the beginning.

Therefore, let’s remember what activities we were engaged in.

In order to simplify the entry to the virtual Slovakia, we have reduced the cost of registering new domains from 21st March to 30th April 2020 to 4 EUR without VAT. And we were not alone in this! We invited other partners, our Registrars, who also made favorable offers for the services such as webhosting, offers of templates or online instructions for website creation and so on.

We have also extended the date of the current call of the SK-NIC Fund for large projects until 31st May 2020, so that the applicants can have more time for preparing and sending their projects. We are interested in the projects with the potential to raise the level of education, help the environment or people with special needs. All necessary information can be found on our website (Slovak only). Up to 30,000 EUR can be allocated for one project!

We realize that combining a job with housekeeping and raising children is quite demanding. That is why we have launched the „Virtual Reading Party“ project, thanks to which we transferred several real books by Slovak authors to the virtual world. You can also listen to them on our Youtube channel (Slovak only).

From the very first days of the crisis, various statistics focused on COVID-19 have been appearing in the virtual space. We have received several questions about how has this situation been reflected in the space of virtual Slovakia, so we prepared a statistical overview of the domain environment and how the interest in registering COVID-19-related domains has been growing. You can find in on our website.

How much time is left until the measures are completely relaxed? And will it happen again? – nobody knows for sure… However, we independently continue protecting virtual Slovakia and we are ready to take further measures if it is necessary.