It happenedOnline predation and abusing of young people is, unfortunately, even more intense during the isolation caused by the COVID-19 virus. Many of them still suffer from feelings of insecurity and uselessness, or thoughts about suicide.

That’s why we have launched a series of podcasts in collaboration with Startitup and the first of them is aimed just to the topics, which are still taboo in our society.

We invited PhDr. Marek Madro, a psychologist and also a founder of the Internet online counseling centre called IPčko (which collaborated, for example, with the „Caught in the Net“ film), which talked about child predators in the virtual world, explained the concept of grooming and explained also the possibilities of helping the victims of such attacks.

A view at the current state of mental health of Slovaks and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected our psyche can be found in the following podcast:

Anonymous help for victims of online sexual abuse is offered by (Slovak only). If necessary, do not hesitate to visit this website!