Virtuálni rezidenti obrázokThe growth of virtual Slovakia has been visible since the beginning of 2021. In mid-February, we already have more than 10,000 new virtual sites, i.e. new domains. Slovaks are discovering the benefits of virtual space and even in difficult times they find ways to be active, educate themselves, communicate or trade.

According to the Annual Report on Internet (Slovak only), the most popular product purchased online in 2020 were clothes, shoes and accessories – they accounted for more than 60% of all online purchases. Other popular ones were deliveries from restaurants (23%) and purchases of sports equipment (23%). It is not the same, but still, sitting in a restaurant or fitness center was replaced by the delivery of good food to home and by the active sports in the surrounding area.

We published the Annual Report on Internet in January 2021. You can find it with other interesting facts about the Slovak Internet on the website of our company SK-NIC, a.s. (Slovak only).

Slovaks understood the opportunity of the virtual environment and they are active in it

In addition to the already mentioned growth of new registrations, the trend is also to keep already registered domains, which is certainly good news for virtual Slovakia. The more Slovaks became active Internet users creating its content, the more information, services or opportunities for others can be found within it. It will be interesting to see how this area will develop during 2021.

We continue to help

Just as we have actively responded to the difficult situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we decided to help this year as well. In the second week of March, the price for domain registration will be therefore cheaper.

This will make it easier for many to enter virtual Slovakia. In addition, we have launched the Academy of Virtual Slovakia and its continuation for Internet „newcomers“. This time we have looked at those who used the internet correctly within the pandemic and became successful.

We have it in our DNA in our company that we need to help each other. Only in this way we can move our Slovakia forward. And it also includes virtual internet space, into which the most beautiful .sk domain extension leads in our country.

Last year, we helped newcomers discover exactly this space. For a long time we reduced our prices for domain registrations, we distributed half a million EUR through the SK-NIC Fund and we also launched a guide in the form of the Academy of Virtual Slovakia. At the same time, we have supported many other projects in various areas of charity, mental health and cyber security.

We plan to continue in this trend. We aim to continue to help, to guide, but also to educate. There is a long-standing discussion in Slovakia about the digital economy support. We do not discuss, we act and help!

Entering virtual Slovakia is easy

Already in March, we will bring success stories of those who accepted the challenge and entered virtual Slovakia within our Academy of Virtual Slovakia series. We believe that they will become an inspiration for others.

The Academy of Virtual Slovakia is an easy-to-understand video guide in which we use short videos to introduce to the Internet „newcomers“ the world of domains, of website and e-shop creation, of virtual communication and marketing, of branding and know-how protection.

All videos (10) can be found for free at the dedicated website of SK-NIC. It also includes „6 Steps on How to Establish a Virtual Identity“ video (Slovak only).