Qualitative accreditation programme for registrars

The accreditation programme is aimed at verifying the quality and activity of the registrar for the .sk domain.

It is based on point 10.2.7 of the Terms & Conditions for the Provision of Domains in the .sk Top Level Domain (hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”).

It is subject to change.

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4Step 2
5Step 3
6Step 4

Please read the following information before completing the form:

  • This form is for registrars who wish to apply for quality and activity accreditation for a .sk domain.
  • The form contains either scored questions or questions marked KO. Completion of the KO questions is required to submit the form and begin the accreditation process.
  • Completing the form may require tracking down certain information, so you can return to any point on the form as you complete it without losing data completed in other steps.
  • The accreditation request is only sent upon successful submission of the form.
  • SK-NIC will verify various facts after you submit the form.
  • Qualitative Accreditation Programme for Registrars (link to PDF documents)