Welcome to SK-NIC,
Dedicated to the management of the top level .SK Internet domain that is reserved for the Slovak Internet. .SK was created in 1993 and is managed by SK-NIC, a.s. (Formerly EuroWeb Slovakia a.s. and EUnet Slovakia s.r.o.)

The SK-NIC Fund continues to help

Logo Fond SK-NICWe have already helped 38 projects to implement their plans via support from our SK-NIC Fund. Since 2019, when the new rules for fund distribution came into force, we have helped many schools, organizations and individuals in this way.

At this difficult time, our help is certainly more than necessary. Let’s recall the recent areas of support (chronologically according to their call):


  • projects that effectively use information and communication technologies for education or projects educating about these technologies,
  • cyber security projects,
  • projects with positive impact on the environment (so-called “green IT”).
  • digital inclusion projects,
  • projects supporting communities through ICT (i.e. improving the conditions of its functioning or improving the lives of its members),
  • projects introducing artificial intelligence or machine learning.

We contributed almost 500,000 EUR to support the winning projects from the calls.

We have traditionally presented individual successful projects on our website. We recommend you to look at them, either as a source of inspiration or to gain awareness of how the digital economy in Slovakia could be improved – many of them also have a deeper message.

We have already provided details on several projects from the last call, so let’s introduce seventh project in a row – IN-NOVA organization aims to bring more comprehensive perception of the concept of artificial intelligence to the primary and secondary education level students and also to teach them how to use appropriate devices. The accompanying goal of the project called „I, Robot“ is also creation of the didactic material, organizing excursions, lectures and competitions.

„Let’s Talk Together“ project, thanks to which the United School on the Dúbravská cesta in Bratislava will have modern tools for the development of communication skills of mute children with severe disabilities, belongs to the successful ones as well. It is about an application that serves as a tool to express feelings, requirements and everyday needs at school, at home or in public. The applicant for support of this project is the Children’s Fund, which participates in financial support of various activities for children with this kind of special needs.

Third one today, we will present a project whose authors are teachers from Elementary school with kindergarten, Horná Ždaňa. Their intention is to teach in a funny and extremely innovative way – older students are teaching the younger ones. They will become editors and filmmakers in this way and they will prepare series of educational videos for younger children. They will work with a computer or camera and improve their ICT skills. One of the other goals is to teach also parents about the pitfalls of the Internet and social networks. Maybe that’s why the project is called „We Already Know That, and What About You?„.

All of these projects are available on our YouTube channel in a form of short online presentation excerpt that was done in January 26, 2021 (Slovak only).

To conclude, we would like to remind you about the next call aimed for small projects (within 2.500 to 10.000 EUR) – we expect it to be opened in the first half of 2021. All necessary information about this or future SK-NIC Fund’s calls can be found at our website and also at the website of Pontis Foundation.

Academy of Virtual Slovakia continues!

Academy of Virtual SlovakiaThis e-shop gives us a lot of space to feel comfortable and to know that there will always be an order,“ says Eva Kyselovičová, co-founder of e-shop named “navidieku.sk“.

The story of navidieku.sk founders is presented in the first video of the Academy of Virtual Slovakia new series. The series is called „Made in Slovakia„. We focused on projects that entered the virtual world or that have been started or that grew especially during a pandemic period. The stories will be presented by people who have accepted the closure or restriction of the real world as a fact and a challenge. They took a think and they entered virtual Slovakia with the intention of being successful.

There are some key suggestions in the first video:

  • why to think about change and start of your own business in the online space,
  • what to do when person cannot physically present his/her own products and services,
  • how to think when an entrepreneur / self-employed person wants to multiply the business and attract more people.

It often happens that a hobby, that has been passion or relaxation for many years, turns into a business. The impetus may be, for example, the need to change the work environment, very often it is a desire to become independent, but also a necessity as an existential issue. Life simply brings many impulses.

We have now focused on presentation of successful ideas, to give an impulse to those who are still just thinking about how to actively enter the virtual world. It is a space of almost unlimited possibilities and the situation of the last year suggests that it is not only an interesting, but also an indispensable space for business.

The Academy of Virtual Slovakia simplifies entry into the virtual world

In the last year‘s autumn, we have launched the Academy of Virtual Slovakia, in which we use short videos to introduce the world of domains, of website and e-shop creation, of virtual communication and marketing, of branding and know-how protection, to the Internet „newcomers“.

All videos from the first series of Academy of Virtual Slovakia, and currently also the first video from its second series can be found for free at the dedicated website or Youtube channel of the Academy of Virtual Slovakia.


.sk domains are cheaper now

Happy 7 days bannerSK-NIC, a.s. continues to help others to enter the virtual world. In March, it announces the „Happy 7 Days“ event (Slovak only).

During 7 days, i.e. from March 7 to 13, 2021 (included), the price for the registration of a new .sk domain will be 4, – EUR without VAT for the Registrar.

The pandemic times and various restrictions moved a large part of people and companies into the virtual world. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increased demand for the registration of new domains.

We are trying to help by default. This time the help will be in the form of a reduced price for new .sk domain registration. We believe that in this way, we will once again be able to facilitate entry into virtual Slovakia for many new users, who will enrich or common space with additional content, services and tools improving life.

Entering virtual Slovakia is easy

Our Academy of Virtual Slovakia continues with the second series of videos subtitled Made in Slovakia. Soon, we will bring you the stories of those who accepted the challenge and successfully entered virtual Slovakia. We believe that they will become an inspiration to others.

The Academy of Virtual Slovakia is an easy-to-understand video guide in which we use short videos to introduce to the Internet „newcomers“ the world of domains, of website and e-shop creation, of virtual communication and marketing, of branding and know-how protection.

All videos can be found for free at the dedicated website of SK-NIC. It also includes „6 Steps on How to Establish a Virtual Identity“ video (Slovak only).