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8.8.2019 SK-NIC will support the projects on this autumn

The topic of cybersecurity is increasingly discussed nowadays. 51.8% of all Internet operations are performed by bots (simple autonomous programs), which e.g. allow searching in web browsers. In many cases, they are abused for example to break the protection of personal profiles on social networks or to attack websites. Up to 90,000 websites are hacked in the world every day in this way.

Therefore we are convinced that education and awareness raising in cybersecurity are essential.

The need of awareness raising in the field of Internet security has been already discussed by professionals for a long time. We are a company interested in supporting quality projects, therefore we are pleased to announce that the fund set up by SK-NIC, whose launch and first calls are expected this autumn, will be focused on cybersecurity and Internet education projects.

19.7.2019 SK-NIC is preparing support for cybersecurity and education projects

Responsibility in virtual space is important for our company and that ´s why we support cybersecurity and education projects. We expect the launch of SK-NIC fund and calls for the projects in the autumn. We realize that education or security are never-ending activities in a dynamic virtual world. In the relevant SK-NIC fund there are prepared several tens of thousands of euros for this round. Applications will be possible through the Pontis Foundation. However, autumn is relatively far away and therefore we have decided (similar to IT Fitness Test, Kry-sa or Junior Internet Amavet projects) to support the Slovak movie "Who is next?", independently of the call. This film points to the new types of bullying they were not here in the past.

4.7.2019 The 8th IT Fitness Test is coming to the finals. Test yourself!

As raising awareness of the cyberspace protection and security is one of our priority, we have supported the greatest IT knowledge testing in Slovak Republic once again – IT Fitness Test 2019 (Note: Slovak only). More than 25,000 solvers have been involved in testing. According to ongoing results, the average success rate is 51%. Last year's results in the "security and computer systems" category were alarming, therefore, we plan to support cybersecurity projects aimed at educating the general public. Cybersecurity is often inflected with the term "cyberbullying", which is largely related to the tested group, i.e. children and students. That´s why we want as many people as possible to participate in Internet security education. We would like to invite you to participate in the test because projects like IT Fitness Test (Note: Slovak only) help people in Slovakia to increase their IT skills and that is very important for rising of the Slovak economy and its competitiveness. Test has begun this year in mid-May and runs until July 15th, 2019.