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Dedicated to the management of the top level .SK Internet domain that is reserved for the Slovak Internet. .SK was created in 1993 and is managed by SK-NIC, a.s. (Formerly EuroWeb Slovakia a.s. and EUnet Slovakia s.r.o.)



19.6.2019 SK-NIC significantly increases the formal requirement of the availability of .sk domain infrastructure

  The Commission for .sk National Domain Administration, an advisory and consultative body of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (further as „the Office“) approved today an amendment of Technical Communication Policy for the .sk top-level domain. The most fundamental reform is the increase of the DNS service availability from 99,00% to 99,99%. The proposer of the reform is SK-NIC itself, i.e. .sk TLD manager, taking into account various communication related to this topic.

6.6.2019 SK-NIC again supports internet security

The level of knowledge about security risks is relatively low in the Slovak Republic. According to the outcome of the testing across Slovakia – IT Fitness Test in 2018 (Note: Slovak only), the success of students and teachers tested in category “Security and Computer Systems” was only 20% (actually, this annual already started). This fact leads to a re-launch of the #kry-sa project, which aims to raise awareness in the field of internet security. Subjects behind project renewal are IT Association of Slovakia in cooperation with partners from the private sector, like SK-NIC, and public sector, where the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization is the main partner.

3.6.2019 SK-NIC organised DNS/DNSSEC workshop

Several tens of participants from registrars to public institutions took part in the DNS/DNSSEC workshop organized by SK-NIC in cooperation with ICANN, which took place on May 30th.   Practical hands-on-labs part has been included and the participants tried out various configurations and practical exercises.   Participants expressed their words of gratitute due to information received directly at the training.SK-NIC plans to offer more such events to the registrars and experts, aimed at new technologies that move ‘the world of internet’.