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Dedicated to the management of the top level .SK Internet domain that is reserved for the Slovak Internet. .SK was created in 1993 and is managed by SK-NIC, a.s. (Formerly EuroWeb Slovakia a.s. and EUnet Slovakia s.r.o.)

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the announcement of Tatra banka, which informed, that from 27th July 2021 (at 10 PM until circa 12 PM) there will be an extended daily closing because of the technical reasons.

The entered payment orders will be recorded at this time and will be executed only after the end of the closing.

Therefore, we recommend you to take this into account when raising your financial reserve!

The summertime virtual discovery of history continues!

Get to know the history LOGOTwo weeks ago, we launched a new project Get to Know the history of Slovakia in a Real and Virtual Way, where we present our well-known castles, that are repositories of ancient memories!

At first, we visited ruins of the Devin castle, where a virtual tour following the historical facts was presented by an expert on „history in practice“, fencing master Peter Koza. As the summer progresses, we have prepared our next virtual offer. This time regarding interesting facts about Trenčín castle.

Is the fact that you are able to drive from Trenčín to Bratislava in approximately an hour and 15 min an interesting one? (It depends on the driver´s courage and volume of his music, of course!) It´s a well-known information! Is the fact that Trenčín is called City of Fashion the one you search for? It is known to many elders, so no!

What is written on the Trenčín castle walls? Who was „ The lord of the Váh river and Tatra Mountains”? Or what does Tarzan have in common with Trenčín? Those are the unknown facts to many people!

Therefore, welcome into our world of castles (Slovak only) and let yourself be enchanted in a real, but also in a virtual way!

We launch the project „Get to Know the History of Slovakia in a Real and Virtual Way”

Get to know the history LOGOCastles are monuments of the past ages. If we would like to compare them with something in virtual reality, they are like data discs. Data of the ages from the past, data about people and various times, but also about culture and architecture.

We have quite many historical monuments in Slovakia. Last year, during pandemic, we launched a project with the title Get to know Slovakia in a Real and Virtual Way, where we provided tips for hikes to interesting unknown places in Slovakia.

This summer, the situation with pandemic is very similar. Therefore we have decided to prepare the series about castles in Slovak territory, which have many historical data saved in their walls.

We received the advice which interesting castles to select, accompanied with a short narrating about their history from the expert in history revival – free fencing master Peter Koza, who is going to guide us through each video.

In the following months, we are going to introduce you one castle every two weeks, making it five castles across Slovakia in total. And of course we will be happy if you will visit these spectacular ”data discs” from the past in person. Try to guess which ones they will be?

Even if you can’t visit these places, we are offering you, number of virtual possibilities to learn more about our castles. Have a look into our virtual tours, photo galleries or other attractions associated with each place. Everything that is real, can also be virtual – we already know that!

Let yourself be inspired and expand your knowledge about the history of our beautiful Slovakia, which is growing in both directions, in real, but also in virtual way. There will always be up-to-date information available about this project on our website and social networks.

We help those, who help – join org.sk!

org.skDo you have a civic association, non-profit organization, foundation or non-investment fund? Is your .sk domain already occupied? Or do you want to indicate directly that you are the one who is helping others? Now we are offering you an unique opportunity to let the others know about yourself in the virtual world, through a new domain suffix org.sk!

What exactly are we talking about? The generic domain .org has been known for years around the world as a suffix that defines organizations which don’t profit from their activities. Now it´s coming also to Slovakia!

We are looking forward to it’s arrival and that’s why we decided to give it a title „half-priced“. In practice it will mean, that the price for registration and renewal of a domain with the org.sk suffix will have its price halved in comparation to the „regular“ .sk domain.

We would like to remind you one more time, that this suffix is intended only for civic associations, foundations, non-investment funds or non-profit organizations!

Each of us needs help sometimes. And the organizations which help the others need it too. We decided to help in a way, which we know the best – by offering a domain with the most beautiful .sk domain extension.

These organizations are certainly having difficult times at the moment, so we firmly believe, that they will welcome and utilize our help. For one domain with the suffix org.sk it’s apparently only a small help, but within more org.sk domains this help should be visible.

We will launch the registration of org.sk domains in August 2021. It will be possible to register them in the same way as domains with the .sk suffix via all fine registrars. The current list of registrars is available on the dedicated website of SK-NIC, a.s.

We are known to traditionally provide support. Since 2019, we have been supporting schools, organizations and individuals through the SK-NIC Fund. You can see summary of our activities over the past year in a short report. By launching the org.sk domain suffix, we want to further contribute to the improvement and diversification of virtual Slovakia.

For more information, watch our website at https://sk-nic.sk/.