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Every help counts, every person counts

The beginning of cooperation between SK-NIC and the Internet counseling center for young IPcko dates back to December 2019. At that time, IPcko’s project became part of the 11 winning projects, supported from the first call of the SK-NIC Fund.

Time has passed since then and we are happy to see how IPcko manages to develop its thoughts and to help people in crisis situations. We follow it and continue to support it.

""Due to the pandemic, 2021 is as challenging as was 2020. It is even challenging for people who have safe and stable relationships, health or financial background. But there are many who do not have such ideal conditions for their existence and are often at the end of their psychic powers.

It is for them where IPcko stands – a counseling center that helps online, by phone and also in person, if circumstances allow it.

During the first half of 2021, almost 37,000 people turned to them! It’s a high number, significantly higher than the one in the past, but a growing team of experts has been able to help all of them!

As the director of IPcko, Mrs. G. Zúbriková, wrote to us:

„Staying with vulnerable people in a crisis situation is not easy. It requires constant training, education, resilience and many other things. For the fact that we can train experts who then help that many people, whether within the Crisis Helpline, via Internet counseling center IPcko.sk, through the Dobra linka or in one of our other crisis or field teams, or in the contact centers Kacko and Machovisko, we are grateful to all our donors, partners and our friends and supporters.”

We are honored that SK-NIC contributes to the improvement of the world in which we live by supporting projects like this one! Both in a real and virtual way!

Sailboats, watermen and nobles at Strecno Castle

Endless Friday and Sunday columns of cars and risky road sections would probably come to mind of everyone in Slovakia when hearing the name “Strecno”. There is a risk of an unexpected rock slide or a road accident.

And although we do not travel via Vah river to work anymore, but we use the road, even after centuries, the origin of the well-known song lyrics is clear to us: „Near Strecno, the way is dangerous“.

Get to know the history LOGO

But Strecno deserves to arouse positive emotions as well. Because many such are related to the castle – virtuous and merciful Zofia Bosniakova or fierce and courageous Frantisek Veseleni – they all created the history.

And what else? You will learn it from the fencing master Peter Koza in the final part of our summer series „Get to know the history of Slovakia in real and virtual way“.


Successful cooperation between SK-NIC and „Start to Run!“

There must be a good idea to start a successful business. But how to find out if my idea is good enough? Will I not waste energy, time, and money on a service no one is interested in?

The project „Start to Run!“ gives a helping hand. A platform that reveals the potential of an idea and its chances to develop into a functioning „business“.

SK-NIC is partner of the “Start to Run!” project. In 2020, the 2nd year of the SK-NIC Fund’s call took place, the aim of which was to support business in a virtual environment. As part of the Call for Small Projects 2020, “Start to Run!” project impressed with its visions and received financial support from the fund.

Logo Fond SK-NIC

Activities within „Start to Run!“ are divided into several groups:

  • Business preparation – testing of new business ideas.
  • Start-up stories – the opportunity to follow those who are just starting a business and to learn about their stories and procedures.
  • Evening school – a 30-day online course that brings tips for doing business even without initial capital.


The cooperation between SK-NIC and „Run!“ brings nice results from the very beginning:

  • more than 2000 visitors attended the training course,
  • more than 60 supported ideas that bring improvements into many areas of life, industry and business – we really recommend to look at them, one will immediately get the urge to turn his plans into a real business!

Starting your own business does not have to be a scarecrow at all, as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to have an idea. In „Start to Run!“ project, they will be happy to advise you on whether your idea has the potential to develop into a viable business story.

Are you not familiar with the virtual business world? No problem! Many videos with useful information are available in the Academy of Virtual Slovakia series, created by the SK-NIC.