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Dedicated to the management of the top level .SK Internet domain that is reserved for the Slovak Internet. .SK was created in 1993 and is managed by SK-NIC, a.s. (Formerly EuroWeb Slovakia a.s. and EUnet Slovakia s.r.o.)

26.2.2020 The next call of the SK-NIC Fund is coming

In March it will be possible to apply for financial support for the projects from the SK-NIC Fund again.

This time we are preparing a call for large projects and we have allocated 150,000 EUR!

The call will be open from 15th March to 30th April 2020.

Compared to the call for small projects, which we launched in October 2019, in the 2020 call for large projects it will be possible to get support in the range of 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR.

14.2.2020 Projects supported by the SK-NIC Fund are already being implemented

Project managers of the projects supported by the SK-NIC Fund in 2019, have already started implementing the declared activities.

In early 2020, SK-NIC organized a presentation of the individual projects where the Internet community members or the media could learn more about them.

From these projects can be randomly mentioned for example the Junior Internet project. This project has been repeatedly successful and it is actually a competitive conference for elementary and secondary school students who submit their works in the IT field, such as websites, applications, blogs, or digital design, and on the basis of this they start a variety of other great projects. This competition organized by AMAVET has 15 years of tradition and its qualitative contribution convinced the project evaluators in 2019. Interesting information is also available directly from the project implementers.

21.1.2020 The winners of the first call presented their projects

SK-NIC started the year by presenting the successful projects from the first call of the SK-NIC Fund.

The presentation took place on 9th January 2020 at HubHub in Bratislava. The excellent atmosphere of creativity and ideas was complemented by representatives of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (further as „the Office“), Registrars and of course the winners of the first call of the SK-NIC Fund. The ceremony was also personally supported by the Chairman of the Board of SK-NIC, a.s., Ben Crawford, who pointed out the quality of the winning projects. Short video here.

The presentation of supported projects confirmed the correctness of the mechanism of the SK-NIC Fund. We are pleased, that from such amount of projects exactly these have been approved and we are pleasantly surprised by their quality and variety. We see that the virtual world reaches into every area of ​​life, for example education, interpersonal relationships, or helping young people in need.