Welcome to SK-NIC,
Dedicated to the management of the top level .SK Internet domain that is reserved for the Slovak Internet. .SK was created in 1993 and is managed by SK-NIC, a.s. (Formerly EuroWeb Slovakia a.s. and EUnet Slovakia s.r.o.)

30.3.2020 Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual!

We simplify the entry to the virtual space with the most beautiful .sk ending!

On 19th March 2020, together with our partners, we responded to the changed situation around the world and made it easier for the public to enter to the virtual world. As the corona virus situation continues, we are responding again to this situation and extending the promo price for registering a new domain until 30th April 2020.

The price for registration of the most beautiful .sk domain will be 4 EUR without VAT for the Registrars. The offer is valid for the registration of a new domain for a period of one year.

Domains with the most beautiful .sk extension are thus more accessible and many people have already used this possibility.

26.3.2020 We are extending the deadline for submitting project support applications

We care about the safety and well-being of Internet users. Not only the virtual ones, but also the real ones. However, they are currently under threat in a way that challenges us all.

We take this situation responsibly and therefore we extend the deadline for the current call for large projects until 31st May 2020.

Many activities that we did exclusively in the real world have moved into the virtual one because of emergency state of our country, because that is the only option.

ICT-based learning is now a must, e-shops are in great demand and from everywhere we register calls for services over the Internet rather than in person. Especially parents with small children are exposed to high pressure.

23.3.2020 Literary distraction for the virtual Slovakia

Last days most of us spend time at home and besides urgent duties, finding activity for the rest of the day can be a real chore. We offer to your children the opportunity to distract the home stereotype for a moment.

We decided to transfer several real books of Slovak authors to the virtual world thanks to the “virtual reading party”, which is intended for all literature enthusiasts even when the libraries are closed!

How does it work? On our Youtube channel will gradually appear the works of Slovak authors which we have chosen for you and read by well known persons. We are starting already today – 23rd March 2020, with Krista Bendova's story – About Seven Trumpeted Brothers. We will continue, as far as possible, until the doors of our schools have opened, so you can look forward to an abundant bulk of book vitamins.