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It happenedOnline predation and abusing of young people is, unfortunately, even more intense during the isolation caused by the COVID-19 virus. Many of them still suffer from feelings of insecurity and uselessness, or thoughts about suicide.

That’s why we have launched a series of podcasts in collaboration with Startitup and the first of them is aimed just to the topics, which are still taboo in our society.

We invited PhDr. Marek Madro, a psychologist and also a founder of the Internet online counseling centre called IPčko (which collaborated, for example, with the „Caught in the Net“ film), which talked about child predators in the virtual world, explained the concept of grooming and explained also the possibilities of helping the victims of such attacks.

A view at the current state of mental health of Slovaks and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected our psyche can be found in the following podcast:

Anonymous help for victims of online sexual abuse is offered by (Slovak only). If necessary, do not hesitate to visit this website!

We have also contributed to the development of virtual Slovakia during the crisis

We protect virtual SlovakiaIt has been almost 2 months since many Slovak doors remained closed. We have decided to take an active approach to this crisis from the beginning.

Therefore, let’s remember what activities we were engaged in.

In order to simplify the entry to the virtual Slovakia, we have reduced the cost of registering new domains from 21st March to 30th April 2020 to 4 EUR without VAT. And we were not alone in this! We invited other partners, our Registrars, who also made favorable offers for the services such as webhosting, offers of templates or online instructions for website creation and so on.

We have also extended the date of the current call of the SK-NIC Fund for large projects until 31st May 2020, so that the applicants can have more time for preparing and sending their projects. We are interested in the projects with the potential to raise the level of education, help the environment or people with special needs. All necessary information can be found on our website (Slovak only). Up to 30,000 EUR can be allocated for one project!

We realize that combining a job with housekeeping and raising children is quite demanding. That is why we have launched the „Virtual Reading Party“ project, thanks to which we transferred several real books by Slovak authors to the virtual world. You can also listen to them on our Youtube channel (Slovak only).

From the very first days of the crisis, various statistics focused on COVID-19 have been appearing in the virtual space. We have received several questions about how has this situation been reflected in the space of virtual Slovakia, so we prepared a statistical overview of the domain environment and how the interest in registering COVID-19-related domains has been growing. You can find in on our website.

How much time is left until the measures are completely relaxed? And will it happen again? – nobody knows for sure… However, we independently continue protecting virtual Slovakia and we are ready to take further measures if it is necessary.

Junior Internet competition conference online for the first time!

Junior Internet - logoEvery year, the Association for Youth, Science and Technology (AMAVET) organizes a two-day event for primary and secondary school students with a passion for science and technology. However, the implementation of this 15th year was endangered by the COVID-19 infection. Therefore, the organizers decided to realize the event in a different way than ever before – virtually!

„152 works were submitted for this year’s competition, which is 30 more than the previous year. We are pleased with the higher number of projects because it occurred during the coronavirus pandemic that affected each of us,“ said Mr. David Richter, director of the competition.

A total of 46 projects advanced to the finals, which will be held from 24 to 25 April 2020. More information and also a video about the Junior Internet project can be found on our website (Slovak only).

AMAVET received funding for the implementation of this year’s Junior Internet competition from the SK-NIC Fund.

We are glad that we were able to support this excellent competition again. At the time of submitting the support, no one of us had any idea about how the coronavirus situation would complicate the preparation of the event. Therefore, we are very happy that the organizers accepted this challenge and will realize the finals of the competition through a video conference

[Click here to watch the live stream]

If also you have a great idea with the potential to raise the level of education, help the environment or people with special needs, do not hesitate to apply for the current call of the SK-NIC Fund, which is open until the end of May 2020. The terms, topics and all important information can be found on our website (Slovak only).

The call of the SK-NIC Fund is running and there is more time for submitting applications.

Logo Fond SK-NIC What projects have we supported?

The first applicants are already applying in the call for the large project launched on 15th March 2020.

The positive thing is that we have eliminated the number of forms required for successful registration, which makes filing applications faster and easier.

In total, we are ready to reallocate up to 150,000 EUR in the call for the large projects and to the succesfull projects we will provide funding in the range of 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR. The topics for the current call, the wording of the call and the instructions for sending applications can be found on our website (Slovak only).

Our website also offers an overview of 11 successful projects of the last year’s call for small projects. Many of them have an extraordinary benefit for cybersecurity and Internet education. We consider promotion and dissemination of their good ideas to be extremely important because they all have a positive impact on a specific group of people, some have even deeper messages.

One of them is the project of the Association of Deaf Teachers, which aims to increase understanding of the protection of personal data of deaf people. Deaf people are often victims of various cheaters. Therefore, it is extremely important to teach them the principles of safe behavior on the Internet in their own sign language.

But how to prevent the pitfalls that children and youth encounter in the online world? The answer is provided by the community center called KASPIAN which has been developing the online game OKO since 2015. Thanks to the support from the SK-NIC Fund, they prepare a level focused on cybersecurity for parents and children.

At the Pavol Dobšinský Elementary School in Rimavská Sobota they are also thinking about the education of children. Teachers have decided to make the learning process more attractive by purchasing an interactive floor that allows students to focus on physical activity, logical thinking and also supports the ability to work in a team. Through integrated applications, it gradually replaces traditional forms of learning with an experiential method.

If also you have such great ideas that could contribute to the society’s development, do not hesitate to apply. The applications must be completed via the online form at (However, only citizens of the Slovak Republic can apply).

We are already looking forward to your ideas and their contribution to the development of our virtual Slovakia!

COVID-19 breaks domain and website records

Picture - COVID-19 and domainsThe corona virus situation also affects the domain world. Webites on this topic are springing up quickly and we can see it in the growth of new domain registrations that directly or indirectly respond to the situation that has affected the whole world.

Since the beginning of March, there have been registered more than 500 .sk domains containing the words: corona, korona, covid, virus, face mask, disinfection and so on.

In addition to domains for official websites with help or information, various people have responded to the situation and they are setting up online shops for goods, services, directly or indirectly related to the current situation. We can also see funny “prank“ domains such as (funny in the Slovak language).

We can say that people realize that the real world is connected to the virtual – one helps the other. If this is used wisely, virtual Slovakia can move forward. We notice outages of brick-and-mortar shops or services, so it is the right time to strengthen our virtual space so it becomes a stronger pillar of our economy.

This is one of the reasons why we have now adjusted the price for domain registration and we, together with our partners, have offered significant discounts for entering the virtual world. For easier entry into the virtual world we offered “Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual!“ promotion together with our partners, which makes the entry into the virtual Slovakia easier.

And finally, a few facts:

Domains that have been registered since the beginning of March and try to respond to the situation and help with information are most often related to these words: corona, covid19, antibakterial, anticovid, antikoronavirus, how not to get infected, cleaning, disinfection, prevention, virtual learning, school assignments and tests…

Domains that respond to the situation, want to help or move business from the real world to the virtual one are associated with the words: mask, cotton mask, face protection, respirators, cleaning, corona test, korona, corona, food delivery + village and town names, covid tests, delivery of goods and purchases, wearing a mask, helping parents, old age pensioners or neighbors, making masks and so on.

Domains that can make you smile:,,,,,, and so on (funny in the Slovak language).

Practically all European registrars record a similar situation. We can say that more than 15,000 registrations on COVID-19 are currently registered in the European top-level domains and are increasing daily.

Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual!

Picture - Special PriceWe simplify the entry to the virtual space with the most beautiful .sk ending!

On 19th March 2020, together with our partners, we responded to the changed situation around the world and made it easier for the public to enter to the virtual world. As the corona virus situation continues, we are responding again to this situation and extending the promo price for registering a new domain until 30th April 2020.

The price for registration of the most beautiful .sk domain will be 4 EUR without VAT for the Registrars. The offer is valid for the registration of a new domain for a period of one year.

Domains with the most beautiful .sk extension are thus more accessible and many people have already used this possibility.

In addition to reducing the price for domain registration, our partners (listed below) have joined our promotion by lowering prices or adding options for other services such as webhosting, offer of templates or online instructions for website creation, custom website creation tools or online shop tools, and so on. And they continue to provide extended services with us!

We can only say that Slovakia has moved to the virtual world. Not gradually, but suddenly, because circumstances forced us to do so. And we’re glad people have done it brilliantly. We were heroic about the situation. There are websites offering neighborhood assistance, websites offering education or free educational courses, we have offers of fairy tales for children or some culture for adults, we can see various activities moving into the virtual world. What we might not have all imagined is a reality today. A virtual one.

Therefore, we are pleased that together with our partners we can contribute and make this space accessible and offer many interesting promotions. Our promotions continue and we wish all of us many creative ideas, the courage to enter the virtual Slovakia and discover everything it offers to us.

The list of our Registrars and partners can be found below:


WebHouse, s.r.o.

Webglobe – Yegon, s. r. o.


ELBIA, s. r. o.

EuroNET Slovakia s.r.o.





We are extending the deadline for submitting project support applications

We care about the safety and well-being of Internet users. Not only the virtual ones, but also the real ones. However, they are currently under threat in a way that challenges us all.

We take this situation responsibly and therefore we extend the deadline for the current call for large projects until 31st May 2020.

Many activities that we did exclusively in the real world have moved into the virtual one because of emergency state of our country, because that is the only option.

ICT-based learning is now a must, e-shops are in great demand and from everywhere we register calls for services over the Internet rather than in person. Especially parents with small children are exposed to high pressure.

Therefore, in the extended deadline of the SK-NIC Fund call, we see space for releasing this pressure and also for the possible emergence of unforeseen projects related to the situation regarding coronavirus. It would be a pity not to obtain money just because you had to replace the learning process at home.

The support mechanism remains unchanged. 150,000 EUR is earmarked from the Fund for the current call, while the succesfull projects will be allocated support in the range of 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR. Topics for the current call, wording of the call and other instructions can be found on our website (this part is only in Slovak language). For more information, you can also watch the video (English subtitles included).

If you have a good idea, do not hesitate to apply – you can send applications electronically via the online form at (However, only citizens of the Slovak Republic can apply).

All necessary information can be found on the SK-NIC Fund website and also at the Pontis Foundation website (both Slovak only), which is again entrusted with the process of collecting applications and evaluating projects.

Already now we are looking forward to your ideas and their contribution to the development of our even more important virtual Slovakia!

Literary distraction for the virtual Slovakia

Last days most of us spend time at home and besides urgent duties, finding activity for the rest of the day can be a real chore. We offer to your children the opportunity to distract the home stereotype for a moment.

We decided to transfer several real books of Slovak authors to the virtual world thanks to the “virtual reading party”, which is intended for all literature enthusiasts even when the libraries are closed!

How does it work? On our Youtube channel will gradually appear the works of Slovak authors which we have chosen for you and read by well known persons. We are starting already today – 23rd March 2020, with Krista Bendova‚s story – About Seven Trumpeted Brothers. We will continue, as far as possible, until the doors of our schools have opened, so you can look forward to an abundant bulk of book vitamins.

Let yourself be pulled out of the monotony of the quarantine days and watch the above-mentioned fairy tale performed by actor Marek Geišberg at this link (Slovak only).

But that’s not all! Also you can influence the “virtual reading party“!

Contact us at what title you would like to transfer to the virtual world and we would like to realize the most interesting tips.

Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual – Let’s live literarily!

Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual!

Picture - Special PriceWe simplify the entry to the virtual space with the most beautiful .sk ending!

Mankind struggles with the real world threats every day.  In today’s quarantine days even more intensively. Every day we notice that the gates of the real world are gradually closing.

Therefore, SK-NIC, a.s. together with its top Registrars simplify the possibilities of access to the virtual Slovakia, which is still open and available in contrast to the real one.

We want to contribute to the activity of people in the virtual world where they can work, study, have fun or shop. Therefore, companies that have have been contributing in a long term to the „virtualization“ of Slovakia agreed to present advantageous service offerings together in the coming days and they will also help with other activities because of the emergency state of our country.

Together we want to simplify the entry to the space, which is characterized by the most beautiful .sk ending. On behalf of SK-NIC we create a unique offer for gaining your own space in this world. From 21st March 2020 the price for registering the most beautiful .sk domain will be 4 EUR without VAT for the Registrars. The promotion is valid until 31st March 2020.

Our partners (listed below) will give a discount on domain registration, lower prices or add options for additional services, such as webhosting, template menus, or online tutorials for creating websites, and so on. More offers will be added gradually!

When the real world is significantly constrained and the circumstances force us to stay at home, we want to motivate people to use the virtual world, which offers many benefits right at this time, and for many of us, it is often the only connection with the surrounding real world. The unique time created by the situation with the new coronavirus can be used to get to know the electronic identity and one’s own e-mail address, create your own website or blog, or even create eg. one’s own e-shop on the Internet. By building Virtual Slovakia, the gates to the world of almost unlimited possibilities are opening.

We believe that Virtual Slovakia will become a place that keeps us all connected at these times. Let us stay “in touch” and watch the real world through the virtual one – there are a lot of new interesting offers every day!

Our partners:

  • Websupport
  • WebHouse
  • Webglobe – Yegon
  • EuroNET Slovakia
  • VNET