There is an event with advantageous registration of the most beautiful suffix .sk domains again!

As the online world is growing and every day when you don’t use it properly can by a day you start to lose your business.


Jump into the virtual world!

See the success stories. We have mapped some of them for you and we offer them to you in the form of short videos in our Academy of Virtual Slovakia!

But not only that! For a better and easier understanding of the virtual world and business in it, we have prepared 10 simple steps how your virtual jump can be as successful as possible.

The year 2021 brought more than 70,000 new registrations. SoTherefore we are not talking about small growth. They are increasing e.g. sSpecialized e-shops of the same entrepreneur, adapted to different groups of hits clients are on the rise for example.

At the same time, we have noticed a trend of significant decrease in domain deletion. What does it mean? A simple thing – domain registrants already know that a good domain name means competitive advantage or investment opportunity. A good domain sells for tens of thousands dollars or euros in the world. In Slovakia, it is also not uncommon for the price of a domain to exceed the price for its registration by hundreds of percent!

Online .sk space is approaching 450,000! This number cannot leave any good businessman cold. Warm up and join the jump!

We are convinced that the jump into the virtual world helps the development of Slovakia, the business and ultimately the lifestyle, and therefore we are announcing the event Make a New Year´s Jump into the Virtual WorldFor the new year for a virtual jump!”

During 7 days, from 24th to 30th January 2022 (included), the price offered to the registrars for a new .sk domain registration will be 5, – EUR (without VAT).

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