Frequently Asked Questions

In the current system, all payments, and fees use a so-called Credit system. The Registrar will pre-pay the credit, which will automatically reduce it (charge fees) for all paid transactions. Charges are withdrawn from credit immediately upon completion of each paid transaction. The credit will be met by the Registrar as needed, with the billing period having a monthly period. The invoice includes a summary of all credit movements for the relevant period (i.e., both increments and all reductions), as well as a precise breakdown of specific fees.

If the Registrar does not have sufficient credit to execute a charge, that is, the amount of his credit is lower than the payment for the operation or his credit is zero, the system will not allow this action to take effect. Implementing it is possible only after the credit is increased. A special blocking of charges will occur when the Registrar is designated as the debtor, If they do not pay the invoice or possible invoice failure at the specified time.

If you are a regular User or Registrant, your payment and price terms are listed under your Registrar’s terms and conditions, usually at your Registrar’s web site (List of Registrars).

On 1.9.2017 there was a change in the SK-NIC Registry system, which included the method of processing payments.

From this date, the funds deposited by each Registrar is defined as a financial security (not as a deposit). This security is not tied to a particular supply of services, as at the time of the lodgement of funds. The purpose for which these resources will be used  can not be precisely determined.

A tax document shall not be issued for the financial security. An invoice (tax record) is issued only after the purchase of specific goods / services, once a month. The financial guarantee can be used to cover the claims / liabilities.

In this context, we provide an example accounting model for the Registrar:

  • Payment of the security – banks. account: 315/221
  • Received invoice for delivered services: 518/321 343/321
  • Use of the security to be paid: 321/315

All invoices issued for your Registrar account from 01.09.2017 can be found in the Registrar console as well as on the billing e-mail address.(On 01.09.2017 the company SK-NIC, a.s. switched to the new system, therefore you will not find invoices issued before this date there).