Please read the registration information carefully before completing the registration form.

Who is a Registrar?

  • Registrar is a legal person, whose duty is to register, renew and manage Domains under their Registrar’s account.
  • Authorized Registrar is a Registrar, chosen by a Registrant (holder) of a specific domain to manage the domain as well as its contact information.
  • Registrar might also be the Authorized Registrar of a contact, managing contact information of a specific User.

Who can be the Registrar?

  • Registrar can only be legal person that is:
    • located in an European Union Member State or United Kingdom;
    • in a country belonging to the European Economic Area; or
    • in a Member State of the European Free Trade Association.
  • Registrar must not:
    • be subject to bankruptcy proceedings or being wound up;
    • have proposal to initiate insolvency or winding-up related to it should not be declined or cancelled due to lack of property;
    • be in any situation analogous to these situations, for example in voluntary auction etc.
  • Registrar must not have suspended its business activities.

Duties of a Registrar

  • Registrar is responsible for mediating the Domain Registrant´s (holder´s) claims against the .sk registry manager (SK-NIC, a.s.) and for taking proper care of the Domains under its management.
    • Claims from the Registrant (holder) of the Domain includes for example:
      • timely payment in the Registrant’s name;
      • provision of the AuthInfo code of the Domain;
      • change or update of the managed contact information;
      • renewal of the registration period of the Domain;
      • to change the Domain’s Registrant (holder) etc.
  • Registrar of contact information is responsible for keeping the User contact information actual and for actions related to this.
  • Registrar is also responsible for correct assignment of name servers to the Domain. If the Registrar manages its own name servers, it is responsible for their functionality.
  • According to the Terms & Conditions, the Registrar is obliged to ensure the communication of its information systems with the information systems of SK-NIC, in accordance with technical specification stated in the Technical Rules.

Administrative fee

The Registrar is obliged to pay an administrative fee when creating its account in the amount stated in the valid price list ( as of 01.01.2023, it is 200 EUR without VAT).

Payment details will be sent to the Registrar only after a request to create Registrar account is provided (including verification of the data accuracy within the request).

How to apply for a Registrar account?

  • Fill in the appropriate Registrar application online form.
  • Expect to receive an email with instructions necessary to conclude Registrar contract.
  • Signed Registrar contract and additional required documents must be sent afterwards to SK-NIC’s registered office.
  • An administrative fee for Registrar account creation needs to be paid right after.
  • With all the steps above finished, manager of the .sk domain (i.e. SK-NIC, a.s.) will create the Registrar account for you and will provide you with the login credentials.
  • Your Registrar activity may begin.
For more information, please see the FAQ or the Rules on our website.