Logo Fond SK-NICWe announced the last call of the SK-NIC Fund in 2020 on September 1, 2020 and it was open until October 15.

By the deadline, a record number of 286 applications had been received from various civic associations, non-profit organizations, local governments, schools and individuals from all over Slovakia!

Out of the total number of registered projects (286), 171 projects fulfilled formal correctness. These passed into the contentual round of evaluation, where the emphasis was not only on the benefit for the target group, but also on the method of the project implemetation, effectiveness and sustainability. Finally, the evaluators suggested to approve 14 best projects.

The call covered these three topics:

  • projects that effectively use information and communication technologies for education or projects educating about these technologies,
  • projects supporting communities through ICT (i.e. improving the conditions of its functioning or improving the lives of its members),
  • projects introducing artificial intelligence or machine learning.

The second wave of coronavirus has hit hard and we are therefore happy to help with the implementation of yet another batch of projects. The number of applications is even higher than it was last time and we see that they are of very high quality again. We believe that they will come to a successful end and they will help to develop our beautiful Slovakia in that way.

Traditionally, upon the call’s end, we also decide on further support outside of the SK-NIC Fund and it looks like this time we will have a lot to choose from. It is a pleasure to see the creative potential of the project managers. The diversity of what the projects would like to achieve confirms that the real, but especially the virtual world, is a space of almost unlimited possibilities.


Applicant Project name Approved amount [EUR]
MAGIKOS Together We Will Overcome the Barrier of Silence 4 000,00
EDUMA Safely in the Classroom and Internet 10 000,00
OpenLab Drilleo – Online Testing 9 200,00
Aj Ty v IT


Ľubomír Šarkőzy Inclusive Education Using Digital Technologies 2 583,42
Association for Youth, Science and Technology Junior Internet 2021 9 122,00
IN-NOVA „I,“ Robot 5 935,50
Children’s Fund Let’s Talk Together 9 355,00
Elementary school with kindergarten, Horná Ždaňa 107 We Already Know That, and What About You? 5 410,00
Special primary school Look, We Can Do More 5 842,67
Uni2010 Run it up! Online Academy 8 500,00
Primary school Jakubov 21st Century IT School 7 790,00
Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Slovakia We Use Assistive Technologies When Working on a Computer and a Mobile Phone 5 893,96
ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE MAGAZINE N Internet Pitfalls – An Educational Guide for Schools 7 367,45


The amounts requested are in accordance with the terms of the call, ranging from 2,500 EUR to 10,000 EUR. Thus we will redistribute entire allocated amount from the SK-NIC Fund, in total of 100,000 EUR.

We will be concluding the contracts for the financial support provision with the successful projects applicants individually and the financing will take place after the contract signing.

All necessary information about the SK-NIC Fund can be found at our website and also at the website of Pontis Foundation.

We wish a successful start to all projects and we are already looking forward to the next call, which we expect in 2021!