Picture - COVID-19 and domainsThe corona virus situation also affects the domain world. Webites on this topic are springing up quickly and we can see it in the growth of new domain registrations that directly or indirectly respond to the situation that has affected the whole world.

Since the beginning of March, there have been registered more than 500 .sk domains containing the words: corona, korona, covid, virus, face mask, disinfection and so on.

In addition to domains for official websites with help or information, various people have responded to the situation and they are setting up online shops for goods, services, directly or indirectly related to the current situation. We can also see funny “prank“ domains such as mackorusko.sk (funny in the Slovak language).

We can say that people realize that the real world is connected to the virtual – one helps the other. If this is used wisely, virtual Slovakia can move forward. We notice outages of brick-and-mortar shops or services, so it is the right time to strengthen our virtual space so it becomes a stronger pillar of our economy.

This is one of the reasons why we have now adjusted the price for domain registration and we, together with our partners, have offered significant discounts for entering the virtual world. For easier entry into the virtual world we offered “Let’s live fully – Let’s live virtual!“ promotion together with our partners, which makes the entry into the virtual Slovakia easier.

And finally, a few facts:

Domains that have been registered since the beginning of March and try to respond to the situation and help with information are most often related to these words: corona, covid19, antibakterial, anticovid, antikoronavirus, how not to get infected, cleaning, disinfection, prevention, virtual learning, school assignments and tests…

Domains that respond to the situation, want to help or move business from the real world to the virtual one are associated with the words: mask, cotton mask, face protection, respirators, cleaning, corona test, korona, corona, food delivery + village and town names, covid tests, delivery of goods and purchases, wearing a mask, helping parents, old age pensioners or neighbors, making masks and so on.

Domains that can make you smile: mackorusko.sk, hladamruska.sk, nositruskoniejehanba.sk, nechodvon.sk, paradneruska.sk, zlybacil.sk, vkarantene.sk and so on (funny in the Slovak language).

Practically all European registrars record a similar situation. We can say that more than 15,000 registrations on COVID-19 are currently registered in the European top-level domains and are increasing daily.