Logo Fond SK-NICSK-NIC Fund launched a new mechanism for selection and support of projects in September 2019. Since then, we have distributed almost 500,000 EUR. Public presentation was always connected with the process of the best projects presentation. As the extraordinary situation changed the rules of operation in all spheres of our lives, this presentation took place as fully online.

All 14 projects, that received support from the autumn call of the SK-NIC Fund, were presented. Topics included online community support, machine learning and the long-popular e-learning. This time, the presenters sat in the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

We are very glad that there was an interest in the online presentation by the audience. The event record is still available on our YouTube channel, and we’ll be posting a short excerpt from the event soon.

We will present the winning projects in more detail on our website. We consider their promotion and spreading of good ideas to be extremely important, as they all have positive impact on life in Slovakia and some even a deeper message.

The project with the best score belongs to the organization MAGIKOS, which actively helps the development of handicapped children and the youth. The aim of the project is to improve the communication skills of these children, through specific compensatory tools, that are changing the perception of learning into play. The project is called „Together We Will Overcome the Barrier of Silence“.

EDUMA project called „Safely in the Classroom and Internet“ has reached the imaginary second place. The aim of the project is to solve cyberbullying in schools topic by experimental methods. By completing an interactive online training course, students should acquire knowledge of safe behavior on the Internet and at the same time be aware of the negative effects of cyberbullying.

The third successful project in line was „Drilleo – Online Testing“ project, whose authors are members of the civic association OpenLab. The project idea is extremely actual – Drilleo is a web application that helps teachers to manage distance learning during a pandemic and create interactive online tests for students.

If you also have such great ideas that could contribute to the development of our society, do not hesitate to participate. All necessary information about this or future calls of the SK-NIC Fund can be found at our website and also at the website of Pontis Foundation.

We wish a successful start to all projects and we are already looking forward to the next call, which we expect in the first half of 2021!