COVID-19 statisticsSlovaks are moving into the virtual world. Like previously, also the second wave of coronavirus brought an increased interest in virtual space ownership through .sk domains, including cases that are directly related to the corona-specific situation.

Words such as health, testing, disinfection and more appeared in 101 new registrations in October and in 29 registrations in November. The number is low compared to the first wave of the pandemic, but practically all of the first round domains still exist, so this is only a further increase. Counting both first wave monts together – March (774 registrations) and April (384 registrations), the total number exceeded 1,000 new registrations. Statistics with graphs are displayed on the SK-NIC website.

Besides that, we also record an increase in regular registrations. In October 2020, more than 6,500 new domains were registered, which is more than a 10% increase compared to October 2019.

We can therefore state that the presence in the Slovak virtual space is growing.

It is clear that not only the current situation, but also progress and digitization in general contribute to raising Slovaks’ awareness on the importance of virtual space and its almost unlimited possibilities. More and more they do business, sell, buy and communicate within it. But the important thing is that they realize the necessity of one’s own virtual identity, where the first step is one‘s own domain. Everyone can set up itsr own e-mail, or subsequently its own website, through which it can communicate. No one can cancel support of the e-mail whose domain belongs directly to you. That is why we launched the Academy of virtual Slovakia in the autumn – to help people enter virtual Slovakia, to understand it and to become successful.

We launched the Academy of virtual Slovakia (Slovak only) at the end of September 2020, using the form of short educational videos on the SK-NIC´s webpage. In this way, we help people with entering the virtual world, starting their business or to work securely with sensitive data on the Internet.