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In the third part of our project „Get to Know the History of Slovakia in a Real and Virtual Way“ we will visit the oldest Slovak town Nitra and the castle that dominates it. From a distance, it attracts all the views, so it drew our virtual attention to itself as well.

Like with the Devin and Trencin castles, also in case of the Nitra castle we will be guided by fencing expert and history lover Peter Koza from the fencing group TOSTABUR.

Nitra offers something for everyone – to traders the premises of the famous exhibition center, to romantic persons a beautiful botanical garden, to theater Muses lovers Andrej Bagar Theater, to cyclists Tríbečská hrebeňovka. However, we targeted our virtual viewfinder at the castle and its history – and believe us, we were surprised and we learned a lot!

Visit the world of castles and come to discover it with us!