Slovakia does not belong to the geographical giants. In the ranking of countries sorted by size, we are in 126th place. The origin of the .sk domain also dates back to the not so ancient past, specifically to the year 1993.

Nevertheless, we are successful in the virtual world!

Thanks to the fine cooperation with our partners – registrars – we managed to do a virtual master piece in a record short time! Within about a year and a half, during which we provide DNSSEC protection for domains in Slovakia, we have reached a great 5th place in the world ranking! We now have more than half of the domains protected, and that ranks us among the world’s best.

Which countries do we tread on the heels of? And how long have they been using DNSSEC domain security?


  1. Norway – 61% secured domains – 7 years
  2. Czech Republic – 60% secured domains – 13 years
  3. The Netherlands – 56% secured domains – 11 years
  4. Sweden – 51% secured domains – 15 years
  5. Slovakia – 50% secured domains – 2 years




From the facts above, two things are obvious at first glance:

the real size of the country in the virtual space does not matter, as it has no effect on the number of registered or protected domains. The Netherlands is about 15% smaller than Slovakia and is in 3rd place in the world rankings. However, DNSSEC has been used for 11 years there, while in Slovakia it has only been used for 2 years.

Interestingly, the largest country in the world, Russia, with about 5 million registered domains, has almost zero domains with DNSSEC.


– The well-presented and user-understood importance of domain protection brings great results in practice. The DNSSEC system has been used in Slovakia since 2019. In this short period, more than 50% of approximately 440,000 total number of .sk domains is already protected.


The same like we protect our homes with quality doors and not curtains or window blinds, we must take care about our virtual home in the virtual world. DNSSEC is one of the basic options.

Ask it from your .sk domain registrars!