Registrations for this year’s call is over! Currently, 176 projects applied for the SK-NIC 2021 Fund call for small projects. We have seen record in the number of applications last year and this year has also been enriched by many new ideas! Applicants used the opportunity until the last seconds. The very last request came at 23:59 p.m., July 15th.

  • The greatest interest for support was again in the field of education through information and communication technologies (up to 71% of applications),
  • 19% of applications belonged to the area of small and medium-sized enterprises economical support,
  • 10% of applications were registered within a new topic – suppression of false reports and conspirations on the Internet. It is quite a great success and this topic is very up-to-date at the moment.

Topics of applications graph

The first round of evaluations is currently in progress, when applications are formally checked. Subsequently, they will be submitted to the evaluator and assessed according to a pre-approved mechanism and the winning projects will receive financial support from the SK-NIC Fund.

This year, total of EUR 100 000 was allocated again!

Institutions from all over Slovakia, such as civic associations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, individuals and municipalities, applied for the financial support.

The fact that topic of education via IT received the highest interest was not surprising. We were pleased that applicants were interested also into our new topics about fake news and conspirations on the Internet. We are glad that our topic choice was again such that currently resonates not only across the  Slovak Internet! We believe that this will initiate emergence of initiatives that will help us to better protect ourselves.

After the finalization of projects evaluation, information about approved projects will be available on our website and also on the website of the Pontis Foundation, which processes collection and evaluation of individual applications for us.