Up to 85% of Slovak businessmen choose the suffix .sk as their primary address for online business. That’s great news.

We at SK-NIC believe that online shopping is now a must-have for any business. But we also know that a good name sells. This is true in both the real and virtual worlds. Therefore, we are also happy to start a business with a well-remembered name in the real and virtual world.

When you start a business, expand or bring a new product or service to market, always register a business with that name right away. It may be occupied later, but it may become increasingly common for you to be „blown away“ by competitors, which is a far worse alternative.

And for an even easier entry into the virtual world there is an special event for registration of domains with the most beautiful domain suffix .sk!

What do we offer in the May event?

During 7 days from 16 to 22 May 2022 (included), the price of a new domain registration will be 5 EUR without VAT. Spread this good news further!

We believe that together we will once again be able to offer to anyone, who is considering a business start through the virtual world or an online business expansion, a good reason to register a new domain.

Finding out if a domain is free, easy and it costs you practically only one lunch to register. Find your domain and see tips from our Academy of Virtual Slovakia.