Meaningful projects need to be supported.

That includes the project „Program of Digital Competence Coordinators“, which has been organized by Junior Achievement Slovakia, for the second year in a row. Its goal is an ambitious, but necessary one in today’s digital age – to educate teachers and to make them so-called digital ambassadors. Digital ambassadors will carry know-how in schools in the field of IT skills and usage of IT in the educational process.

""We gladly support such projects. That is why we became this project’s main partner from the very beginning. Financially, and this year also with our expertise.

In 2020, JA Slovakia received support from the SK-NIC Fund under the call for large projects. As we think this is a really important project in the field of education, we financially supported this project also during the current year, beyond the resource of our fund.

And we also supported it with our expertise. This year, Peter Bíro, director of SK-NIC, a.s., passed on his knowledge and tips to all participants of the program throughout the whole week as part of the introductory training. They listened to him with high interest and also asked various questions.

During the school year 2021/22, more detailed thematic trainings will take place. Over the next ten months, project participants will receive from SK-NIC and other trainers an overview of the possibilities for virtual learning, of the security basics, as well as much more information about the Internet and information and communication technologies.

Last year, 13 primary school teachers took part in the pilot year. There are already 100 teachers participating in 2021 and it is expected that in 2022, the number of participants will increase even more. Even this year, the interest fairly exceeded the possibilities. It is gratifying to know that schools are gaining well-trained trained people who will pass on the knowledge to their colleagues and students. The so-called the „educational pyramid“ will thus ensure that knowledge is delivered where it is needed the most – to the new generations!