Get to know SlovakiaDuring the holidays, we all plan to relax, but at the same time to visit at least one interesting place in our country or somewhere in the world. This year is specific because a trip abroad is associated with certain risk… Therefore, many people have decided to spend their holidays in Slovakia.

That’s why we decided to launch the “Get to know Slovakia both really and virtually” (Slovak only) project, in which we are going to present one interesting place of our beautiful Slovakia every week.

We consulted with a passionate traveler, Radoslav Hoppej, on the selection and description of locations. He has been presenting interesting localities in Slovakia for several years. Radoslav in the “There is no hike without Štúr” (Slovak only) project presents in an engaging way well-known and unknown places that are worth visiting.

In the coming months, he is going to present various tourist sites across Slovakia on a weekly basis. In this way you can plan shorter or longer trips, either alone or with your close ones. In the project, we tried to look at what can be found about them in our virtual world.

It is natural for us as the administrator of the Slovak domain to present beautiful places in Slovakia. Combining the possibility of finding out interesting information about the site through its virtual description and subsequent real visit is a very clear signal for us to support such good projects. Throughout the whole summer, anyone will be able to get to know our beautiful Slovakia, both really and virtually.

For those who are interested in visiting the presented places, each blog will include several recommended virtual addresses / websites, where you can read more details about the place or see the possibilities of visiting sites near them.

Let yourself get inspired and expand your knowledge about the beauties of our dear Slovakia, which is growing both really and virtually. Up-to-date information on this project will always be available on our website and social networks.