Slovakia learned a few new words in 2020 and acquired many new digital skills.

Terms such as video conference, home office, online ordering or online education will probably be adepts for everyday use in 2021 as well. Slovaks have been facing the challenge of virtual Slovakia entering since March 2020. No one asked us, no one gave the order, but the situation forced many.

This is also confirmed by the statistics for 2020.

The claim that older people do not underestand and do not use the internet is not true and even less after 2020. As many as 2/3 of people over the age of 45 use social networks for various purposes, and in the category of 65+ old, it is almost a quarter of Slovaks.

Annual Report on the Internet in Slovakia 2020

In order to find out how it actually is, we have looked at some statistics from the Internet world, domains and virtual Slovakia as such and we present them in a comprehensive Annual Report on the Internet in Slovakia 2020.

Making calls over the Internet, obtaining information or shopping online. These activities broke records. Year 2020 was specific and graphs we are bringing to you show that these activities are already a common routine.

Interesting facts

Najobľúbenejšie znaky v .sk doménachThe most popular character at the beginning of .sk domains (addresses on the Internet with the .sk extension) is „s“. In 2020, 42,695 domains started with it, i.e. more than 10%. Why? It might be based on how many words start with „s“. The average number of letters in a .sk domain is 10 and the longest domain in Slovakia has 63 letters. Is it even possible to pronounce such string?

The most beautiful domain extension .sk is really popular in Slovakia. Almost 3/4 of all domains registered by Slovaks use it. Other domain extentions are very far behind and were mostly registered in the so-called „upsales“ together with the .sk extension.

Map of .sk domain holders

Map of .sk domain holdersIt is interesting to see where the individual registrants of .sk domains are from. Does it correspond to the economic division of the population of Slovakia? 10 regions with the most domains manage 111,928 domains, half of which are registrants from Bratislava. However, it is still only about a quarter of all .sk domains…

We all agree that 2020 was a specific year – it might be disccussed whether good or bad. But as we say, all bad things are good for something. And a lot of good things have happened in relation to virtual Slovakia. After all, we learned so many new things, but that you surely already know.

This and more interesting information can be found in the attached Annual Report on the Internet in Slovakia 2020 (Slovak only).