Logo Fond SK-NICThe call, in which we presented the winners and which took place at the beginning of 2021, is being fulfilled and all 14 winning projects have already received funding from the SK-NIC Fund. We can happily say that these organizations, despite such a difficult period, are turning their plans into reality.

We are really happy that at a time when various sectors of the economy are endangered, we can continue to help, educate and develop our virtual and real Slovakia through the sccessful projects.

It is not a certainty that everyone will keep its financial commitment. We have declared massive help and we are successfully implementing it. For the past year and a half, we have supported projects in the amount of 500,000 EUR. Until today thanks to the SK-NIC Fund, we have supported up to 38 exceptional projects.

The projects that won the last call will be presented at our website. We recommend you to look at them, either as at an inspiration or as at something you can use, because they are really good – all have a positive impact on life in Slovakia and some even a deeper message.

We now randomly select three of them – an interesting project was brought by the organization Aj Ty v IT, which aims is to motivate girls and women to educate and successfully employ themselves in the IT sector. Thanks to the GIRLS CODE ONLINE project, coming adepts will be virtually connected and will provide support and motivation to each other, while the project will also help to discover hidden young talents.

Another project is well-known national conference and competition at the same time called Junior Internet, organized by the Association for Youth, Science and Technology (AMAVET). It is dedicated for students of primary and secondary schools and its aim is to encourage young people to take an increased interest in informatics and technology. The conference will take place online in April 2021.

Unlike many other funds, natural persons can also apply for SK-NIC Fund calls. In this way, Mr. Ľubomír Šarkőzy obtained funds to purchase special accessories for his handicapped daughter. His aim is to increase daughter‘s digital literacy, enable her to fully integrate into life and thus provide a model and hope to others.

Note that the next call for small projects is expected to be opened in the first half of 2021. All necessary information about this one or past calls of the SK-NIC Fund can be found at our website and also at the website of Pontis Foundation.

All of these projects are to be found on our YouTube channel in a short excerpt from the online presentation done in January 26, 2021 (Slovak only).