Logo SK-NICThe Commission for .sk National Domain Administration (further as a Commission) approved the revised ADR Rules today. The revise primarily relates to the procedural deadlines regarding to the applicability of the ADR decision and cooperation in the implementation of the decision.

The full text of the approved rules, including changes, can be found on the SK-NIC’s website.

In this context, we only add that the activities of experts resolving disputes according to the ADR Rules for the .sk domain are covered and coordinated by the Arbitration Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (more information can be found on the ADR center’s website).

SK-NIC, TLD .sk domain manager also informed the Commission about the status of project implementation from the 2019 call for small projects of the SK-NIC Fund. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, all projects are expected to be completed in time by the end of 2020. Due to this situation, some projects required a change in communication environment from standard one to the virtual one or an adjustment of various dates, which SK-NIC of course approved.

Director of SK-NIC Peter Bíro also informed about the results of the current year’s SK-NIC Fund call for large projects, which processed into the phase of contracts signing with the 13 winning projects.

The Commission was further informed that the next call of the SK-NIC Fund for small projects should be opened in 1 September 2020, so another chance to receive finance resources is already approaching. More information, as well as the necessary dates and documents will be soon available on the SK-NIC’s website.